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Top 10 Best MMA Shin Guards for Training

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Top Pick –  Venum Elite Standup Shin Guards  Check Price


Whether you’re an elite martial artist, or just beginning to learn combat, more than likely, you’ll need to have shin guards in your MMA training. They are primarily used in sparring to soften blows from kicks, using against a heavy bag, sparring, etc…And will do a fantastic job covering your shins.

Today, we’re taking a look at the best shin guards you can buy for your MMA training. For the list, we’ll be focusing on the top 10 products on the market based on durability, strength, design, comfort, and price.

Alright, Here is our Roundup and Reviews of the Best MMA Shin Guards


10.  Fairtex Pro Style Shin Guards

mma Fairtex Pro Style Shin GuardsCheck Price

One thing is for sure, Fairtex produces some of the highest quality equipment, however, has very little to no attention to its product, in terms of mass consumers. Despite this, the pro style shin guards from them start off our list for a few reasons.

Perhaps one of the nicest features are the padding that comes on them. You feel hardly anything from throwing kicks to checking them. It conforms rather well, but is a tad bulky around the edges, but not anything that will affect what you’re doing too much…If at all. The straps also fasten well and hold in place as expected.

The material on the inside is a bit unusual and can cause itchy shins to some. Also, the material does allow for some slippage, but overall, the padding is fantastic. The way these shin guards rest always give you an ease of mind, knowing that any kick you throw will be safely padded, gaining its spot on this list.


9.  Everlast Prime Shin Guards

mma Everlast Prime Shin GuardsCheck Price

Mostly known for its top-of-the-line boxing gear, Everlast is growing rapidly in the world of MMA and has one of its own products land at number 9. These shin guards absorb impact terrifically, making these one of the most protective guards you may come by for its price of around $40.

The fit may be the only downside to the product. However, once it’s on properly, the shin guard feels lightweight and snug. I’m personally more of a fan of the sleeve design for comfortability, and the straps aren’t necessary the strongest. This product excels in the design in my opinion. For the amount of protection it offers, it is one of the most “compact” on the market, and for the price, it’s hard to argue against recommending it.


8.  RDX MMA Shin Guards

mma RDX MMA Shin GuardsCheck Price

Another relatively unknown brand for MMA products, RDX’s shin guards take the number 8 spot. Now, at the price of around $30, these speak to beginners, and rightfully so. The design is simple, yet does a good job of absorbing impact. Also, due to the simplicity, these shin guards are extremely lightweight, making them that much more comfortable.

Not all too much can be said here besides that these are ideal for those who just began sparring. These probably aren’t too ideal for heavy, high-level sparring, but do its job at the beginner and intermediate levels.


7.  Contender MMA Shin Guards

mma Contender MMA Shin GuardsCheck Price

Continuing the trend of not well-known brands, Contender opens up our number 7 spot with its own shin guard. Again, these shin guards fit all the needs a beginner would have perfectly. Good padding, comfortable fit, and a reasonable price.

Although the padding runs a tad thin, it still absorbs impact relatively well, especially when you consider the low price of these shin guards. Also, the quality holds up to expectations and won’t give you any issues when it comes to tearing or the foam giving out. They form great around the leg and will offer little to no movement when it comes to sliding off.

The weight is also a plus to this shin guard, making it just that much more comfortable to wear. However, the only downside to this product is the strength when matched up to other shin guards. However, for beginners, this is the perfect fit.


6.  Top King Shin Guards

mma Top King Shin GuardsCheck Price

Top King shin guards take our number 6 spot with its fantastic design and ultra-durability. Again, another company not that well known, these shin guards are gaining notoriety as some of the most effective on the market. These are extremely tough shin guards, I cannot stress that enough, honestly. These are built to last and hold up to countless blows.

The comfortability and fit compares right up there with companies such as Venom and their higher-quality shin guards. They strap securely and do not budge a bit once on. A true test is working the bag with hard blows, and these easily absorbed every shot and stayed snug. Overall, these are some of the best shin guards on the market and I’d recommend these to any martial artist of any level.


5.  Meister Edge Shin Guards

mma Meister Edge Shin GuardsCheck Price

Perhaps one of the most underrated brands in combat sports equipment, Meister comes in at number 5. The edge shin guard really is a great combination of fit and durability. The padding design on the feet are some of the best I’ve ever seen in shin guards, which does a tremendous job of protecting the feet, especially on those awkward high kicks that don’t always land flush.

From experience, the top of the foot can easily get as injured or hurt as the shin during sparring, so the design is much respected from the MMA community. Some may argue that the toes are not well-covered due to the design, but personally, you feel more “free” if you will, in your movements with this design. Overall, these shin guards will hold up nicely and have a unique design that even if you’re experienced, you just may want to give these a shot in your training.


4.  Venum Kontact Evos Shin Guards

mma Venum Kontact Evos Shin GuardsCheck Price

Coming in at number 4 is one of the most respected brands in all of MMA, “Venom.” The kontact evos conform nicely around the leg and have an ultra-sleek design. I’d say compared to most shin guards on the market, the evos are some of the best looking.

Of course, looks don’t matter all too much, but the evos also excel in other categories. The comfortability of these shin guards are second to none. They feel lightweight and have minimal movement, making it one of the most effective as well. The overall quality isn’t the best you can get on the market, but for the average price of around $50, these are a steal. Also, if you’re just starting out, then these shin guards will treat you nicely do to their design and effectiveness.


3.  Venum Predator Shin Guards

mma Venum Predator Shin GuardsCheck Price

If you’re looking for one of the top brands in all MMA gear, then once again, Venum will surely catch your attention. Their Predator shin guards are some of the best in the business, and are number 3 for many reasons.

First off, these are all around some of the best shin guards you can get. They fit snug around the leg, making for some of the most comfortable shin guards I’ve ever worn. The tightness of the straps will give you the assurance you’ll need to never worry about these slipping off.

Also, the padding is phenomenal. They soften any impact tremendously and you will not feel a thing. For working things out like the heavy bag, these are ideal as well. The overall durability and strength these shin guards offer are nearly impossible to touch.


2.  Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Shin Guards

mma training - Hayabusa Ikusa Charged Shin GuardsCheck Price

Yet another highly respected MMA brand, Hayabusa’s charged shin guards,which almost comes in as the best MMA shin guards, but for a few reasons it comes in at the number 2 spot. When we hit the top 3, these shin guards are all very similar in terms of durability and strength, but excel in unique areas that stand them apart from one another, and I believe these are the best shin guards Hayabusa has to offer for.

For Hayabusa’s charged shin guards, that unique area has to be mobility. The design itself is made to use at least as weight as possible, making for a rather simplistic shape, but one that is indeed special. The way it forms around the top of the foot, (connected barely by the actual shin guard, which helps movement a lot easier) is arguably one of the best designs yet for mobility.

Combine the lightweight features and simplistic design allows for one of the top shin guards on the market to be born. I’d recommend these to of course any martial artists of any level, especially for sparring, which requires a lot of movement.


1.  Venum Elite Standup Shin Guards

Venum Elite Standup Shin guards - best mma trainingCheck Price

Taking the top of the list is of course one of the best brands in all of MMA, Venom. The elite standup shin guards do it all for me, which I believe makes it the best out there on the market. It doesn’t matter if its grappling, sparring, bag work, etc…These shin guards will do the job and take the top place as the best MMA shin guards for your training.

They have a sleek design, which of course holds up for it being able to work in all areas of mixed martial arts, as well as probably the toughest padding in the market. It conforms to the shin perfectly and I couldn’t find one complaint about this shin guard, making it number 1 on the list.

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