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MMA Woman, Nut shots, eye gouges, ear rips in self defense

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community news, MMA Woman, Nut shots, eye gouges, ear rips in self defense

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Here are some nice photos and GIFs from various martial arts:

Aikido, Systema, hopkida

This is that old school stuff  and used to give you good odds back in the day as it used to be a good way to learn to defend yourself. It’s still good to learn, but better off spending time learning other martial arts such as BJJ and Muay Thai.  Now a days, with the rise of mixed martial arts (MMA), people are learning to take the best of the best and MMA has become very popular in recent years so lots of competition, so may more people who are trained in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and Muay Thai which is in my opinion the best martial arts to train in for MMA and real life application. However, I think Krav Maga would be good as well for preparing for the situations that would involve weapons.


Personally I think muay thai would be better since it covers nice punches as well as kicks but anyway here is a cool boxing photo and now we have a photo a Boxing Fight Event, this of course is always good for your MMA standup training


This is full contact kickboxing and European. Specifically, French kickboxing or French footfighting, is a French martial art that uses the hands and feet as weapons.


Kyokushin Karate

Next up we have, Kyokushin Karate  stand-up, full contact karate, this was founded in 1964 and te founder of this interesting martial arts was Korean-Japanese and named Masutatsu Oyama. Here is a cool photo of this martial art in action.

they don’t allow punches to the head, but kid you not, these guys are tough as nails, don’t be fooled but these limitations. These folks really can throw some very powerful kicks and I’ll tell ya they will probably throw some insan crazy kick to your ribs, breaking them, before you will be able to land that hardcore head punch. So I guess their training is probably similar to Muay Thai, these guys are bricks, insane discipline and very tough conditioning training. Alright, check out this martial arts photo below



Judo fellas…Judo. are you down or what folks. This is the some good stuff and highly advise to add it to your MMA training routine. Check out this Judo flip (austin powers!) awesomeness.


Boston crab

and a little Boston crab action…I think that’s what they call this MMA submission move…no?


Muay Thai

Then we got Muay Thai, oh yes, my favorite along with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

and of course Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This is a good one.. This Instructor demonstrates a jiu jitsu technique and thoug doing so, she accidentally puts her student to sleep, night night.


Matt mitrione goose egg UFC fight night

..pretty creazy swollen eye, I’ll say..got popped real good.

Wrestling. Catch or Greco