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12-year-old girl to fight 24-year-old woman at Deep Jewels 16 in Japan

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A pre-teen will be fighting a 24-year-old woman on May 20th at Deep Jewels 16.

We’ve seen fighters such as Rory MacDonald, Michael McDonald, and Jordan Mein compete in professional MMA as young as 16 years of age. On a vastly different and far worse note, Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov literally staged child vs. child fights involving his sons. There is a fight coming up on May 20th in Tokyo, Japan which will pit a 12-year-old girl known as “MoMo” against 24-year-old Momoko Yamasaki. Seriously.

The “good” news is that this isn’t a professional bout, but instead an amateur one. WMMA Rankings has the details.

One thing about this matchup which has got the Japanese world talking is the fact that a 12-year-old will make her MMA debut against an adult veteran of four fights. In the amateur rules for DEEP JEWELS, striking to the head on the ground is not allowed. Both fighters will be wearing head gear.

Yamasaki (2-2 Am) is coming off two losses and is hoping to get back in the win column by taking out her 12-year-old opponent who is currently a seventh grader. The 24-year-old is a former street-fighter who was bullied in junior high school. According to the press release from DEEP JEWELS, the experience is said to have triggered her to became a delinquent which lead to series of “tale of triumphs on the street.”

MoMo (0-0 Am) will be hoping for a successful showing in her MMA debut. It should be noted that the 12-year-old weighs roughly 86-pounds, so Momo will be giving up around 9 lbs to fight an adult. She trains out of Hakuhinkai Karate, the team that has produced notable Japanese talents including Mizuki, Naoki Inoue, and Yukari Yamaguchi.

If you want to catch the entire card, it will stream live on the Deep Jewels website. Yamasaki vs. MoMo is set for two 3-minute rounds and is currently the only amateur bout scheduled for the show.

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