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5 Possible Outcomes for Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz

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If you are fan of spectacle, UFC 196 is absolutely for you. We’re not talking about the best fighters in a division slugging it out for the championship. Nope, that would be too logical. Instead we have the greatest talker in the game against one of the greatest personalities in the game, in a fight designed to build Conor McGregor’s stature.

Nate Diaz, as skilled of a fighter as he is sometimes, is nothing more than a sacrificial lamb. Rafael Dos Anjos couldn’t fight, so the UFC decided to pluck Nate Diaz, for no reason other than the fight sells. It’s not a guaranteed victory for McGregor, but styles make fights and McGregor will have the advantage Saturday night.

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With these extreme personalities, anything can happen. Let’s look at the five possible outcomes of the main event of UFC 196.

5. Nate Diaz Submits Conor McGregor

God, please let this happen. You don’t have to do anything else nice for MMA fans this year. Just this one time. Diaz is skilled on the ground and has strong submission skills. It is certainly possible that if he can take McGregor down that he could submit him and how cool would that be? A Diaz victory would piss away millions of dollars for the UFC and send McGregor back to Ireland just in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Let’s face it, McGregor is the Kanye West of MMA; we know that he’s talented and lives the good life, but also delusional and out-of-touch with reality. No one needs a humbling more than McGregor. And let’s not forget that McGregor has already lost two fights by submission.

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