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5 Takeaways from UFC 195: Robbie Lawler vs. Georges St-Pierre at UFC 200 Anyone?

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Georges St-Pierre, where are you?

Robbie Lawler needs a fight, against a guy who is going to, I don’t know, TAKE HIM DOWN AND EXPOSE HIS LACK OF GROUND GAME?

Lawler reminded us of three truths Saturday night at UFC 195. Lawler has a hard head. Lawler hits really heard. Close, controversial decisions usually fall Lawler’s way.

UFC 195 is in the books, but the band plays on. So what did we learn? Let’s take a look at some takeaways:

1. We need GSP vs. Lawler at UFC 200

I love Lawler as much as the next guy, but for all the talk about how MMA has evolved into a true sport of mixed martial arts, it feels somewhat odd to see Lawler as welterweight champion. We’ll talk about the judges’ decision later, but for now let’s talk Lawler. He hits really hard and is clearly a threat to knock anyone out. That’s why you can’t slug with him. You need to take him down and ground and pound him, wrestle him or Jiu-Jitsu him. Let’s think about something for a second: JAKE SHIELDS SUBMITTED LAWLER. While fantastic to watch, Lawler is not unbeatable. A guy like GSP could probably take him down and A) bore us with a 5-round unanimous decision victory or B) submit or TKO Lawler with a superior technique. It’s a fight we need to see happen.

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2. Las Vegas Loves Lawler

Yes, I know, never leave it in the judges’ hands. That being said, that’s why we have judges. When lame-brain newbs can watch a fight and know that Carlos Condit won, but two Las Vegas judges can’t there’s ….View full article

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