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ABC Conference and changes to MMA Unified Rules, explained

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Mixed martial arts is constantly evolving as a sport and the rules have not necessarily done the same. Until this week.

On Tuesday, the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) general body approved a package of new rules recommended by the ABC’s MMA rules and regulations committee and medical committee. Those rules included clearer language for scoring criteria, a revised definition of a grounded fighter and a foul to address eye pokes.

The six amendments are the most changes to MMA’s Unified Rules since they were penned in 2001. They will go into effect beginning Jan. 1, 2017. The package was approved by a vote of 42-1 with two abstentions. New Jersey was the only commission to oppose.

Here is everything you need to know about what went down at this year’s ABC Conference in Las Vegas:

What changed in MMA’s scoring criteria?

Most importantly, the new judging language is just clearer to understand. The original language left much open to interpretation. Scoring is still somewhat subjective, but more clarity is a major improvement.

The revised language underscores the fact that effective striking and grappling is the very first tier when scoring a round. Only if those are 100 percent equal do you then look at aggression and then cage control. Previously, those four things have been presented by promotions as being all lumped together, but they never have been. There has always been a tiered structure and the new language makes that more distinct.

Under the new verbiage, 10-8 rounds should be much more prevalent. Judges will be asked to look at three things: damage, duration and dominance. If two of those characteristics are present in a round, a 10-8 should be considered. If all three of them are present, then the round must be a 10-8.

The word “damage” was removed in the official new language in ….View full article

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