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ACBJJ Grand Prix full results: Teammates Najmi and Arges come away victorious

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Romulo Barral teammates, Edwin Najmi and Gabriel Arges, took home the ACBJJ Grand Prix titles.

Absolute Championship Berkut brought grappling fans a highly competitive event on Saturday as the promotion hosted its World Grand Prix. This tournament featured competitors in the 75kg and 85kg groups. Romulo Barral teammates Edwin Najmi and Gabriel Arges walked out of the event as champions. Their success didn’t come easy as they both had some difficult matchups all the way to the finals.

The ACBJJ Grand Prix featured an interesting set of rules that included three five-minute rounds where the winner would be determined via points or submission. That format played a part in the outcome of this event as momentum in the finals swung towards the victor.

Arges walked out of the day as the 85kg champion, but not until after having a very tough bout against Otávio Sousa. Sousa’s pressure game gave Arges fits early in the match, but between rounds Arges figured out a way to get the space that he needed to fight off his opponent. In the end Arges would hit a kneebar, forcing Sousa to submit.

Marco Andre and Najmi stole the show in the 75kg finals. Andre started very fast; almost too fast as he stacked up points in the first two rounds. It seemed as if Najmi didn’t have any answers as he would fall behind by double-digit points. However, pushing the pace in the first two rounds gave Najmi the opening needed in the third. Najmi remained patient in the final stanza and implemented an amazing sequence of techniques that led to the triangle submission finish.

Full results for the ACBJJ Grand Prix:

75 kilogram results

Quarter Finals

Edwin Najmi defeated Daud Adaev by flying triangle/armbar

Michael Langhi defeated Rodrigo Caporal by points (2×1 rounds)

Davi Ramos defeated AJ Agazarm by points (3×0 rounds)

Márcio André defeated AJ Sousa by points (3×0 rounds)

Semi Finals

Edwin Najmi defeated Michael Langhi by referee decision (1×1 rounds – 1 round draw)

Márcio André defeated Davi Ramos by points (3×0 rounds)


Edwin Najmi defeated Márcio André by way of triangle

85 kilogram results

Quarter Finals

Otávio Sousa defeated Thiago As by choke from the back

Gabriel Arges defeated Josh Hanger by points (3×0 rounds)

Claudio Calasans defeated Lucas Rocha by points (3×0 rounds)

Arnoldo Midana defeated Victor Silverado by referee decision

Semi Finals

Gabriel Arges defeated Arnoldo Midana by triangle

Otávio Sousa defeated Claudio Calasans by referee decision (0x0 rounds)


Gabriel Arges defeated Otávio Sousa by way of kneebar

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