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After their fight, the Fodors remain a house divided

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Caros Fodor and his little brother Ben Fodor fought last Saturday night, with Caros winning a decision. On the outside, the fight was met with plenty of squirms. The idea of half-siblings literally trying to do each other harm in a cage crossed a threshold that a lot of people couldn’t understand. Ben and Caros’ mom, Susan, didn’t attend the show. She was one of those.

On the inside, it was more complicated.

If the fight was meant to resolve some deeper sibling conflict that a broader public wouldn’t fully grasp, it didn’t. Ben Fodor — known more famously by his crime fighting alter ego, “Phoenix Jones” — was visibly shaken before the fight, getting emotional in an interview with the World Series of Fighting’s Joey Varner. Yet he still can’t stand the sight of Caros after the fight. He has estranged himself from his family at least temporarily, and says he has no intention of reconciling with Caros ever again. He says he understands forever is a big word. Forever’s a big word.

Then again he prides himself on being a man of conviction.

“No, we’re not talking,” Ben told MMA Fighting. “After the fight I kind of just walked off to spend some time along in the woods for a while, and when I came back the next day I went over to my brother’s house to apologize and bury the hatchet. I went over there, and he was having this little party. I walked into the bathroom and I was like, yo, I want to apologize, that didn’t go down the way I thought it was going to, and I don’t feel much better. I said I was super-sorry, and I gave him a hug.

“But the minute he touched me I just wanted to hit in the face ….View full article

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