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Alex Rodriguez reacts to MLB, MLBPA dispute over coronavirus pay

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community news, Alex Rodriguez reacts to MLB, MLBPA dispute over coronavirus pay

Despite his failed bid to purchase the Mets, Alex Rodriguez’s most recent comments about the 2020 season are more aligned with the owners than the players.

In a video posted to Twitter, Rodriguez addressed the current revenue dispute between players and owners as the two parties try and figure out a way to start the season after the coronavirus pandemic suspended play indefinitely on March 12.

“Players want to play. Fans want to watch,” he said. “And at the end of the day, if you don’t play today, you don’t win tomorrow, because hopefully, we don’t have another situation like this. 

“This is like beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. I just urge the players and owners to think collectively. If there’s $100 in the pie, like the NBA, players take $50, owners take $50. And we give it to the fans. We thank the fans of baseball.”

MLB owners approved a proposal on Monday to split the revenue 50/50 with players if the season takes place this summer. However, the MLBPA is expected to reject the proposal, countering with a previous March agreement that would simply prorate player’s salaries based on the number of games played. 

Rodriguez’s financial situation is much different than most of the players whose salaries would be curbed if the players’ union agreed to the proposal. During his 20-year career, Rodriguez made $455 million, more than any player in league history. 

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