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All sides should want same result in Conor McGregor high-stakes poker game

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Conor McGregor’s statements on Thursday made it clear he wants to fight Nate Diaz, and his retirement talk was a bluff that UFC called. Now it’s a matter of both sides saving face and the fight being bigger than ever, which isn’t as simple as it seems from the outside.

We are all witnessing now the most intriguing game of high-stakes poker in UFC history.

But the key is that almost everyone, whether it be the UFC, Conor McGregor, and the fan base, all should want the same conclusion: McGregor vs. Nate Diaz as the UFC 200 main event. If anything, by all three parties being faced with the possibility that the match won’t take place, it’s probably left all wanting it even more.

And there are a lot of different angles to it. The short form of the story is that Conor McGregor and UFC had a dispute, either over doing media in the U.S. this week, or one that led to McGregor not agreeing to do planned media this week. This included what Dana White said was the filming of a $1 million television commercial for UFC 200. It is implausible that they could do that commercial without McGregor, the biggest draw on UFC’s planned biggest event in history.

Even after McGregor made it clear publicly he was not retired and wanting the fight, the UFC hasn’t wavered in its position that the fight is off. There is almost surely more to the story than is out. So it’s hard to fully know why the UFC seems steadfast in its decision not to do the fight when it has yet to announce a new one.

McGregor has been able to use his status as UFC’s goose that lays the golden eggs to get what he wants. Perhaps only one other fighter would ….View full article

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