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An Aging Johny Hendricks Lashes out at Venison

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Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Johny Hendricks, the number three-ranked welterweight in the UFC, won 101 wrestling matches during his time at Edmond Memorial High School in Edmond, Oklahoma, and lost only five. When he wrestled at Oklahoma State University his record improved impossibly with each passing year. 37-7 in 2004, 27-4 in 2005, 29-1 in 2006, 56-0 in 2007. It was as if Hendricks had banished the possibility of losing from his mind during his adolescence, leaving him no option but perfection.


Hendricks’ early MMA career followed the same script. It wasn’t until he’d won nine straight fights, four of them in the UFC, that he finally lost one. Then it was six more wins and a loss to then-welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre that probably should have been a win, followed by—at last, destiny!—the UFC welterweight belt. And even though he lost that belt nine months later, Johny Hendricks’ ingrained impulse and ability to win always seemed inarguable, like he had been born to it. He could defeat anyone, sometimes with just a single punch.


Johny Hendricks cannot defeat age, however. He can’t fight off the slow and inevitable decay of the body. Deterioration is our great inheritance, but one ….View original article