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And Now He’s Fired: Jared Rosholt Released by the UFC For Being Boring, Basically

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(A fittingly memorable photo for a fittingly memorable fighter. Farewell to thee, Jeremy Rosenthal.)

Because some of you fans (and to be fair, some of us in the media) are still convinced that MMA is a sport and not a form of entertainment, there has been a bit of a reaction to the firing of UFC heavyweight Jared Rosholt — if “(*wanking motion*)” counts as a reaction nonetheless.

Rosholt was officially released from the promotion this morning despite compiling a respectable 6-2 record in his tenure with the UFC that included three wins in his past 4 performances. The general consensus seems to be that Rosholt was the latest example of UFC valuing “entertainment” over “skill,” but in our eyes, his firing breaks down to two simple factors:

1) He was nicknamed “The Big Show” but never put on a show

2) He lost to Roy Nelson

As we all know, Dana White has as much love for Big Country as Donald Trump does for our Ecuadorian friends down there in Mexico, so if you’re a UFC heavyweight who both loses to Roy Nelson and doesn’t have the common decency to get knocked out by Roy Nelson, you should probably expect your walking papers come the morning.

For us, the bigger offense lies in Rosholt’s offensive and plain presumptuous decision to steal Paul Donald Wight Jr’s ring name. “The Big Show” is a name that has to be earned through the chokeslamming of thine, enemies, Jared. Not through sloppy, grapple-fucked decisions. You know who never once let the judges decide if he was the winner? The actual Big Show.

I mean, just look at that athleticism, that grace. The marks of a true champion, surely.

Anyways, because we are the “true” fans of the sport who will take a well-executed double leg over ….View full article

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