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Anderson Silva faces off with Anderson Silva at UFC 212 press conference

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Anderson Silva didn’t have an opponent to face off with at the UFC 212 presser, so he did the next best thing.

UFC press conferences almost always feature faceoffs, where the two fighters that are going to compete against each other have a staredown and then face the audience. Anderson Silva has participated in dozens of these media ops over his long career. But today at the UFC 212 press conference, he faced an issue he’s likely never had to deal with before.

What do you do if you don’t actually have an opponent?

Silva was set to face Kelvin Gastelum on the card, but Gastelum was suspended by USADA for an in-competition marijuana test failure. Silva will clearly still stay on the card because he’s one of the biggest draws for the Brazil event, but nothing came together before the press conference. So what did he do?

He faced off with himself.

Check the video above (via the folks at MMA Fighting) to see Anderson’s amusing solution.

UFC 212 goes down on June 3rd in Rio, and will be headlined by a UFC featherweight title unification bout between Jose Aldo and Max Holloway.

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