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Anderson Silva has a little message for UFC exile Conor McGregor…

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“The Spider” understands the “Notorious” argument, however…

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight titleholder Conor McGregor is taking a stand against the ZUFFA-owned mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion, insisting UFC President Dana White and Co. owe him a solid after bringing in beaucoup bucks at the box office.

Not happening.

One fighter who knows a thing or two about travel commitments is former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, who reigned atop the 185-pound division for several years and was forced to jetset across the globe in the name of pre-fight promotion.

It’s a dirty job, as Silva explained to Fairfax Media (via Sydney Morning Herald), but that’s why he gets paid the big bucks.

“I think that neither the UFC nor McGregor are 100 percent wrong. I do think that once you sign a contract, which includes promoting an event, then that’s what you have to do. I understand, I’ve gone through this in the past many times. As a fighter, we think our job is to go in there and fight … I know as a fighter how hard it is to leave your country in between camps to go on promotional tours. I’ve done all that and I’ve disagreed with it a few times, but I understand both of their sides.”

Silva was fined $50,000 back in 2013 for blowing off his media day responsibilities ahead of UFC 162.

But not every UFC fighter is as empathetic.

@TheNotoriousMMA Shut the fuck up

— Julianna Peña (@VenezuelanVixen) May 2, 2016


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