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Andre Harrison Feels Like He’s the Best Featherweight on the Planet Heading into PFL 8

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Heading into the 2018 Professional Fighters League regular season, Andre Harrison was one of the favorites to take the featherweight championship.

Undefeated over the course of his first six years fighting, Harrison was able to keep his winning ways going by picking up unanimous decision victories over Tuerxun Jumabieke in June and then Nazareno Malegarie a month later.

“When I fought Juma (in June) I had a position where I should have or could have finished it, but for one reason or another I wasn’t able to get it done, but it was still a dominant performance,” Harrison told MMAWeekly.com.

“When I fought Malegarie, in the second round I hurt him with a good right hand, and tried to put him away but I didn’t want to get too wild and end up getting clipped in the process. It was still a dominant performance. I think I did well and I’m looking to keep things going.”

Having had a bit more downtime of late between fights, the fast-paced schedule of the PFL is suiting Harrison just fine, and he’s more than happy to be as active as possible.

“Fighting in June and July was the quickest (turnaround) I’ve ever had,” said Harrison. “I’ve been fighting for seven years now, and after every fight you could at least give yourself a week or week and a half where you can downplay training and ease yourself back into everything.

“Last time I just had a weekend and then I was back in the gym because I didn’t have time to play around. It was different, but it was cool. I liked it. I’m an action junkie so I liked it.”

At the start of the PFL featherweight playoffs on Friday in New Orleans, Harrison (19-0) will carry his No. 3 seed into battle against Alexandre Bezerra (22-5) in the quarter-final round before potentially having another bout later in the night in the semi-finals.

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“I fought him before and it was a tough fight, and I won a unanimous decision,” Harrison said of Bezerra. “He’s definitely a tough, talented, dude.

“I watched that fight over again and I made a lot of mistakes. I was only 13 fights in at the time, so I was still finding myself as a fighter and stuff. I would like to think that I’ve gotten a lot better since then and I want to go out and show it.”

Should he defeat Bezerra, another fight awaits Harrison on October 5, but for now he’s focusing on his quarter-final bout, and then thinking about taking the featherweight crown on New Year’s Eve.

“You look too far ahead in the future and you miss what’s going on around you,” said Harrison. “Popo (Bezerra) is a very tough dude and I can’t overlook him. I’m just worried about this quarter-final round.

“I feel like I’m the best featherweight on the planet. I’ve said that time and time again. Winning this championship will help me better this claim, so I’m looking to go out there and be as dominant as I can in these next couple fights.”

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