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Angel Garcia melts down following son’s loss: Keith Thurman ‘ain’t from Philly, he ain’t got a big d-ck’

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Following his son Danny’s split decision loss to Keith Thurman, trainer Angel Garcia let loose with a profane rant for the ages.

Controversial trainer Angel Garcia was in brief danger of not being able to corner his son Danny for his fight against Keith Thurman on Saturday night. In the January press conference to formally announce their big matchup, Angel acted completely out of order (as he’s known to do), most notably calling Thurman the “N” word multiple times over before an attempted face-to-face confrontation (Warning: Explicit language in the video). He also made disparaging remarks about immigrants, as well as threatened boxing publicist Kelly Swanson by screaming at her, “I’ll jack you up!” A couple of weeks later, Angel maintained that he’s not racist, noting that “a motherf-cker from the hood ain’t racist,” and that he once “f-cked me a couple black girls.”

The New York State Athletic Commission granted Angel his license two days before fight night, but not before having him film a video and donate money to a charitable cause. Danny had previously said that if the NYSAC had denied his father a license, he would withdraw from the Thurman bout.

Thurman bested Garcia by split decision (116-112, 113-115, 115-113) to win Garcia’s WBC welterweight belt (in addition to retaining his WBA belt), and also send the Philly native to his first professional loss. Angel, as you might expect, did not handle this defeat very well. FightHub has video (which you can watch at the top of the page) of the elder Garcia going on another tirade.

“He sucks! [Thurman] ain’t no f-cking champion,” Garcia said. “The WBC was disgusted to give him the belt!…because he ain’t win, that’s why…

“I’m disgusted with this sh-t. [Thurman] lost, my brother. He ran the whole f-cking night…for real, for real, I want Danny to retire today. F-ck this sh-t, we ain’t no stepping stone for nobody…

When asked what he would’ve done differently in this fight, Angel somehow turned it into a statement about Keith Thurman’s penis size. Seriously.

“Danny knock him the f-ck out, that’s what Danny should have done – knock him the f-ck out. ‘Cause [Thurman] was the favorite going in, everybody who favored him was on his motherf-cking d-ck all the way down to his balls! They was sucking his penis from the top of the penis — or a little d-ck probably. He ain’t from Philly, he ain’t got a big d-ck. You gotta be from Philly to have a big d-ck.”

Angel cited no scientific studies or referenced any reputable sources regarding his claim that Philadelphia is a major hub for well-endowed men. This 2010 study by Condomania (don’t worry, it’s safe for work) actually broke down average penis size in the US, and Philadelphia came in 19th in a list of 20 American cities, and the state of Pennsylvania itself was ranked 21st. This does not bode well for Angel’s assertion that merely being from Philly is the gateway to an above-average phallus.

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