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Artem Lobov: “I’m a Matchmaker’s Dream”

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Photo by Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC

When Artem Lobov was given a second chance on The Ultimate Fighter: Team USA vs Team Europe he repaid the faith that was put in him by recording three consecutive knockouts, which in turn booked him a place in the finale of the event back in December.

Ryan Hall nullified ‘The Russian Hammer’ on December 11 in the Cosmopolitan to claim The Ultimate Fighter honor. However, based on how Lobov reacted to being given a second chance in the TUF House, it’s no real surprise that he is set for another Octagon outing at UFC 196.

A proven knockout artist in the lighter weight ranks, Lobov has long been known on the European scene for taking on all comers at a variety of weight classes. Recently when one of his teammates sat down and did the calculations, they found that Lobov had competed on an average of every 41 days since he went pro back in 2010.

Although his official record wears the scars of his enthusiasm when it comes to fighting, Lobov is well aware that he has a few key characteristics that make him “a matchmaker’s dream”.

“There are few guys in the UFC in general that you know can knock people out,” he said. “Conor does it constantly. Other people get a knockout every now and then, but there is no one else really that knocks people out one after another like I did on TUF. I think I’m going to be a huge asset for the UFC in terms of my style, my knockout power and everything.

“I’m a matchmaker’s dream. I’ll fight anyone, I always make the weight and I knock people out. How long are my conversations with matchmakers? One word. I say ‘yes’, and that’s it.”

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