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Arthur Jones says he would have ‘ragdolled’ Daniel Cormier’s team if altercation escalated

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ANAHEIM, Calif. — Arthur Jones, the NFL player brother of Jon Jones, got into a verbal confrontation with Daniel Cormier’s team Friday morning at the UFC 214 early weigh-ins. It was mostly blown out of proportion, though, and Cormier himself was not involved, Arthur Jones told MMA Fighting on Friday evening prior to the ceremonial weigh-ins.

“They were like, ‘The real champ’ and all this other bullshit,” Arthur Jones said. “After a while, I got annoyed. I was like, ‘Yeah, the paper champ.’ We started jawing back and forth. They just walked away. It really wasn’t nothing. People try to make a big thing out of nothing.”

Jones, who is Jon’s older brother, said he was walking in with a few friends and Cormier’s team was walking out after Cormier weighed in. Someone on Cormier’s team could be heard saying, “Fail another drug test.”

It didn’t get physical, Arthur Jones said. But if it had, he said he would have been able to handle himself no problem.

“I would have ragdolled all six of them — for the record,” Arthur Jones said.

And if Cormier somehow became involved?

“I’ll slap his ass, too,” Jones said.

Arthur Jones is a 6-foot-3, 320-pound offensive lineman who played last year for the Indianapolis Colts. He won a Super Bowl ring with the Baltimore Ravens in the 2012 season. Jon Jones has talked about his big brother’s training and fighting prowess, so it’s probable he’d be able to hold his own.

There is no love lost, of course, between Cormier and Team Jones. That extends to the family, too, Arthur said. He does not like some of the things Cormier has said about his sibling.

“He called my brother a junkie and ‘sandblasting prostitutes,’” Arthur said. “My brother has daughters. One day, they’re gonna have to watch this shit on YouTube and I don’t appreciate it. My brother never disrespected his family, so don’t disrespect my brother’s family.”

As for Cormier team, Arthur Jones said he’s not thinking much about the whole thing.

“They were a bunch of wannabe UFC fighters,” he said. “I guess they’re trying to make a name for themselves, picking on an NFL player.”

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