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As Michael Chiesa heals up, he thinks Conor McGregor getting lightweight title shot is ‘bullsh*t’

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‘Frustrated’ Michael Chiesa wants to compete, but can’t. At least not yet.

Just a couple of weeks before the most important fight of his UFC career, Chiesa ruptured his L5 vertebrae on his spine and was forced to pull out of the fight. Chiesa was scheduled to headline UFC Fight Night 91 on July in an important lightweight bout against top contender Tony Ferguson. Since his injury, Chiesa has been quietly on the sidelines, watching the lightweight division change drastically while also getting called out to fight by a few of his fellow lightweights.

MMA Fighting recently caught up with ‘Maverick’ to talk about his injury, the state of the UFC’s lightweight division, and more. Below is a transcript of the conversation:

Danny Segura: Michael, how’s your back doing?

Michael Chiesa: It feels good but there’s days, like today in specific it’s just barking at me. I can do some rolling, some wrestling, some sparring, but when it gets to strength and conditioning and lifting weights and doing things that really put weight on my lower back, that’s when I start having some problems, you know. It’s one of those things. I’m 28, I still have time, but I’m not… I’m toiling with this spot where I just want to push through it and try to take a fight right now, but at the same time it’s not fair to the fans for me to take a fight and pull out because I didn’t give myself time to heal. I made the choice not to get surgery. I talked to a lot of people and I didn’t get a lot of good feedback of the surgery. They said they go and clean up part of the disk that’s hanging out, but you still don’t feel that great. I’m getting ….View full article

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