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Bellator 155’s Pat Curran leaning toward full-time move to Blackzilians: ‘It’s bringing out a different fighter in me’

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Former Bellator two-time featherweight champion, Pat Curran, is confident his recent changes in training will lead to a win against Georgi Karakhanyan at Bellator 155 and thrust him back into title contention.

After defeating Emmanuel Sanchez at Bellator 139 last June, Pat Curran (21-7) was gaining positive momentum and more importantly, snapping the first two-fight losing streak of his career.

But as he was preparing to face Justin Lawrence at Bellator 145, Curran, 28, suffered an injury to his knee that put him on the shelf the last few months.

“I was getting ready for my last fight and I was about six weeks out, I shot in on a double and took the corner to re-shoot and my MCL popped,” Curran told “It was a grade III sprain, so I was out for a few months recovering. I took my time recovering. I didn’t rush the healing process and eased my way back into training and right now it’s back to 100 percent. It could’ve been worse. I was fortunate enough to not tear anything or have to get surgery for it.”

Being sidelined after getting back into the win column was tough to take for the two-time Bellator featherweight champion, who faces Georgi Karakhanyan (24-5-1) at Bellator 155 tonight (Fri., May 20. 2016), but it gave him time to reflect on his life and career and also to make some significant changes, he says.

“It definitely sucked at the time just because any time you have an injury you don’t know how severe it is or how long it’s going to take to get back and train,” said Curran. “It definitely wasn’t fun to go through. I believe that everything happens for a reason and having that injury I was able to take my time and think about ….View full article

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