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Ben Askren on fighting Conor McGregor: He doesn’t want someone who would steal his manhood

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Now that he has signed with the UFC, a lot of opportunities have opened up for undefeated welterweight Ben Askren. The “Funky” one had already put every 170-pounder on notice, but refused to call out the one who could potentially earn him a massive paycheck, Conor McGregor.

According to Askren, he sees no point in McGregor receiving a beating from him, especially with the amount of money that the Irishman is making through his brand alone. During a media scrum backstage at UFC 230, the former ONE Championship welterweight titleholder gave another reason why he likely won’t fight the UFC’s biggest star today.

“The last thing that someone who walks around like a tough guy and fights in the cage for a living wants to do is be completely emasculated,” Askren told members of the media, including Submission Radio. “And that’s what I do to you.”

“I hold you down for as long as I want, I punch you as many times as I want, and there’s not a f—king thing you can do about it. And that’s so completely emasculating. That steals your manhood. That’s a feeling that none of those guys ever want to feel in their life. And Conor has enough money where he would never risk that.”

According to UFC president Dana White, Askren will be facing a top-five contender in his debut. From his end, Askren has two names in mind.

“There’s Stephen Thompson, and karate doesn’t work on me, so he’s out,” Askren told Megan Olivi in another interview. “So, who knows? It’s probably Robbie Lawler, but we’re not really sure.

“We’re down to two, Thompson, Lawler. We’ll find out.”

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