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Ben Rothwell buries Anderson ‘The Coward’ Silva: You’re not a man, you’re nothing!

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That escalated quickly.

Top-ranked Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight Ben Rothwell doesn’t appear to have any trouble speaking his mind, particularly when it comes to the subject of failed drug tests. “Big” Ben was a guest on The MMA Hour last Monday (via MMA Fighting) and once he learned that Vitor Belfort was pulled from the line up — after refusing to allow any questions about this fiasco — all hell broke loose.

Rothwell wanted Belfort to “be a warrior,” not a “coward” like former middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

“I’m going to say it, Anderson Silva destroyed his legacy. Not because he got busted, but after the fact, him continually denying (everything), showing just what a coward he is. No respect from me whatsoever. To contstantly be like, really dude? You were tested multiple times. You had these substances in your body. Like, who are you trying to lie to? You got busted. You’re a cheat. You fucked up, royally. Why are you going to sit here and continue to say you didn’t do it? It’s a disgrace. And you’re not a man. I don’t care. You can throw some good punches and kicks, but inside as ….View original article

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