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Ben Rothwell says Anderson Silva ‘destroyed his legacy’ by not owning up to his mistakes

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Ben Rothwell has made his fair share of mistakes, but he also hasn’t been afraid to face them head-on. So when he sees a fighter like Vitor Belfort refuse to answer or even acknowledge questions regarding an increasingly muddled history with performance enhancing drugs, as Belfort chose to do on Monday, then Rothwell can’t help but get a little upset.

“The difference is I want to address it, because I face my problems,” Rothwell said Monday on The MMA Hour. “That’s it. I face my problems. I take them on. I take responsibility. And man, Vitor was awesome when I met him in July, how nice he was to me and all this stuff. It just really sucks to hear that. Come on, man. Be the warrior. Be the man and face this. It happened. There’s nothing you can do about it. This is your responsibility. You went through this. This is yours. F–king own it. Just deal with it.”

In this case, Rothwell is referring to the Sept. 21 report released by Deadspin which alleged that Belfort had “had higher than allowable levels of testosterone in his system” three weeks prior to his 2012 title ….View original article

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