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Benson Henderson’s Underwhelming Start with Bellator

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Former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson claimed his first win under the Bellator banner on Friday night, but the performance certainly didn’t underline why so many people forecasted him dominating his new promotion when he made his ground-breaking move back in February.

In the era of MMA free agency, Henderson was celebrated widely by the MMA world for his transition to Bellator. Having soared to the top of UFC’s lightweight division and made inroads into the welterweight bracket with wins over Brandon Thatch and Jorge Masvidal, ‘Bendo’ was deemed to be leaving in is fighting prime.

The MMA Universe had been pushing for increased fighter rights, and Henderson’s move was thought to be a massive gesture that would prompt other big names to play the field ahead of singing their next contracts. Ahead of Henderson’s sophomore outing with the promotion, the news broke that Rory MacDonald had signed with Bellator too.

‘The Red King’ will hope to make more of a splash than Henderson has since he made the move.


Henderson completely dwarfed former Bellator featherweight champion Patrício ‘Pitbull’ Freire, which was evident from their face off at the Honda Center on Friday night.

From the first bell, ‘Bendo’ marched the Brazilian down and for the opening few seconds, it appeared as though he was about to go out of his way to show aggression following his loss in his promotional debut in a welterweight title fight. However, Henderson just marched Freire down and even when the former featherweight just stood in front of him, Henderson seemed reluctant to put together any significant offense.

There was no big pay off that coincided with the finish. ‘Pitbull’ looked like he was giving Henderson some trouble as they clinched against the fence in the second round, but when they disengaged, Freire threw a ….View full article

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