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BE’s Baddest Greatest Light Heavyweight: #1 Shogun Rua vs. #5 Forrest Griffin

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Vote now in the Bloody Elbow Baddest Tournament to determine the Greatest MMA Light Heavyweight of All Time. Today’s match-up: #1 Shogun Rua vs. #5 Forrest Griffin. Vote now!

Kazushi Sakuraba, the #1 fighter in the world in 2000, and the man who led Pride to unparalleled heights in MMA has been eliminated. Truly it is a day of national mourning. The #6 seeded Gracie Hunter fell to #2 Tito Ortiz, 33-17. Weep with me Pride fans. Ortiz now moves on to a clash with the vulnerable #1 seed Jon Jones.

Today, our final fight of the round, and a real world rubber match. Mauricio Rua and Forrest Griffin are 1-1 in the UFC – now one of them settles the rivalry. The #5 seeded Griffin has pulled off one upset so far, but he’ll need a lot to take out the #1 ranked Shogun.

In order to vote, simply leave a comment. In the subject line make sure you follow these guidelines:

To vote for Shogun Rua write: Vote – Rua

To vote for Forrest Griffin write: Vote – Griffin

Voting is open for 24 hours, so get your votes in now.

Tournament bracket (click to enlarge):

BE Baddest Light Heavyweight Full Bracket

Tournament graphics provided by June M. Williams.

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