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BE’s Baddest nomination thread: Who is MMA’s greatest Light Heavyweight of all time?

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So B.J. Penn is MMA’s greatest Lightweight of all time. But who is the greatest Light Heavyweight? Let the nominations begin.

When we last visited the world of BE’s Baddest, we saw B.J. Penn standing over the bloody, broken body of Ben Henderson, hoisting his title of Greatest Lightweight of All Time high above his head. All while Frankie Edgar and his fans looked on in anger.

Now, it’s time for the second installment in our newest BE’s Baddest weight class series. And the question before us this round:

Who is MMA’s Greatest Light Heavyweight Fighter Of All Time?

We’re diving in to the Light Heavyweight division to see who stands tall, not just in the UFC, but internationally, and historically. How you rate greatness is somewhat up to you – is it strictly a who would beat who scenario? How do you weigh things for historical context? Does their fame or importance to MMA matter? All good questions to guide the debate.

One point to consider – for this process please focus on a fighter’s accomplishments specifically at Light Heavyweight. What that means for Anderson Silva is up to you.

The process will work exactly like it did last time, which means it’s time to start nominating. Here’s how the nominations work:

You have someone you want to nominate? In the comment section write “Nominate – Fighter Name”, but, you know, replace the words “Fighter Name” with the name of the actual fighter you want to nominate. Clear? Good. So if I want to nominate Ilir Latifi I write:

Nominate – Ilir Latifi

From there, it’s all about the RECS. If someone has nominated Latifi already and you want him to move on to the field of 32, REC that person’s nomination. The top 32 advance to the tournament, and will be seeded accordingly.

One important note here – DON’T nominate the same person more than once. That just confuses things. So if I want to nominate Latifi, I should first search the comments to make sure he hasn’t been nominated. If he has, I REC him. If not, I nominate him.

Nominations for this tournament end this Thursday at 5:00 p.m. ET, so get them in now. We’ll have the tournament draw over the weekend, then voting on each head to head match-up begins next week.

And remember folks, rec, rec, rec. You don’t rec up your favorite fighter and he doesn’t get in to the tournament? Well, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

Finally, let’s just get this out of the way now, shall we:

Nominate – Jon Jones


Well, yeah. Duh. The chances of Jones NOT winning this are miniscule. And no, there’s unlikely to be much drama in his matches. But how to compare Shogun against Rumble Johnson? Wanderlei against DC? That’s the excitement of a tournament like this. So don’t be snarky – be excited!

Any other questions, ask them in the comments. If not – LET THE NOMINATIONS BEGIN!

Tournament graphics provided by June M. Williams.

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