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Bob Sapp loses kickboxing match in pathetic fashion in France

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Bob Sapp has once again showed up to a fight just to quit after barely getting touched.

Remember back in the day when Bob Sapp was an actual force in kickboxing and MMA? It seems like a lifetime ago that he was legitimately defeating the likes of Ernesto Hoost and giving Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira a real scare. That ship sailed long ago though, and Sapp has become a parody of himself over the last decade.

Basically his act goes like this – he books a fight. He shows up. He causes a ruckus at the weigh-ins to hype the bout. Then as soon as the fight starts, he takes a light shot or two, goes down, and won’t continue. He has lost 18 of 20 MMA fights and a boatload of kickboxing matches in this fashion over the last 10 years or so.

Yesterday, he took his act to France.

The 43-year-old Sapp signed up for a kickboxing match with 39-year-old Greg Tony at Fight Night Saint Tropez 5. At the weigh-in (on the beach), Tony got a little sassy and doused Sapp with a drink. This led Sapp to “attack” him. Check it out:

Well, that clearly made the bout a grudge match and Sapp was sure to come out victorious, right? Yeah, sure. Here’s the hilariously pathetic ending to a pathetic fight:

Yes, he barely touched him with the left. Yes, Sapp went down. After he shook his head comically for a few seconds, he looked at the ref, lucid as can be, and told him he wasn’t going to continue. And that was it.

Bloody Elbow’s own Phil McKenzie offered some hilarious technical analysis of the bout after viewing the slobbberknocker:

Just another day in the world of combat sports, folks.

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