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Brandon Girtz Expects Fights That Lead to Bellator Gold

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Brandon Girtz vs Melvin Guillard BEL141 fight

In August, lightweight Brandon Girtz returned to fighting after nearly a year off and picked up a split-decision win over UFC veteran Melvin Guillard at Bellator 141.

While Girtz is happy to have picked up a win over such a well-known fighter, he doesn’t feel he did as well as he could have in the bout.

“Looking back at it, it wasn’t so bad, but right after the fight I couldn’t say I was completely happy,” Girtz told MMAWeekly.com. “I was pretty positive I was going to get a finish on it.

“I really thought I was going to break Melvin easily by putting him in waters he doesn’t like. He’s a tough guy. He was able to keep me at bay. I’m happy about the win, but I definitely felt like I could have pushed the pace and my performance a little bit better than I did.”

Girtz doesn’t feel the fight warranted a split decision and can only see a brief instance where Guillard may have had the advantage in the fight.

“The third round, (Guillard) had some fight in him, but other than a minute and thirty seconds, I controlled that round,” said Girtz. “The first two rounds, I don’t ….View original article

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