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Brendan Schaub promises Brock Lesnar will be ‘tougher’ fight for Daniel Cormier than Derrick Lewis

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Brendan Schaub’s post-fight career has been a great one, having his podcast with friend Bryan Callen and eventually getting his own show Below the Belt. And boy, does he have takes. Some good, some very good, some bad, some even worse. But now he’s got thoughts on the possible next fight for UFC champion Daniel Cormier.

On his most recent episode on Below The Belt, Schaub offered his opinion on a possible farewell fight for the champ between Cormier and former champion Brock Lesnar. If the fight is to be made, Schaub feels that it would be a far greater challenge than the man Cormier just defeated, Popeye’s ambassador Derrick Lewis.

Here’s what he had to say (transcription courtesy of MMAFighting.com):

“[With Lesnar] you’re talking a complete freak,” said Schaub. “Athletically, is he the biggest freak to ever do it? He’s f**king up there, man. We don’t talk about it enough. A guy at his age and with his background – he’s not even a part time mixed martial artist. It’s a hobby for this man and can go in there and compete with the best of the best. Imagine if he dedicated his entire life from when he was young to this sport. And he’s fighting through sickness!

Also, this:

“He’s f**king tough to deal with. No one goes in there and is like, ‘Ah this is a gimme fight.’ Even DC’s not like that. I promise you Brock Lesnar will be a tougher fight for DC than Derrick Lewis was. We don’t give that man enough props.”

Brendan has an excellent case here. Lewis was primarily a boxer and has shown a susceptibility to passiveness and weakness against controlling grapplers. His submission defense was fine against fighters like Shamil Abdurakhimov, but he had to hang on for dear life in that one.

However, Lesnar brings his NCAA-caliber wrestling to the table. That alone makes him a major threat to an undersized Cormier. Even though both are somewhat older, they’re decorated wrestlers with Lesnar being a stronger athlete even at the age of 41. While Lesnar has had problems with better strikers, he managed to compensate with his wrestling and improved defense against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. No one’s been able to actually outwrestle Lesnar in MMA, and he’s still got freakish strength.

Granted, Cormier still wants this fight and the almost guaranteed major payday that comes with it. The fight has to get booked first, but the intrigue is already there. Nothing has been announced yet, but he’s already on his way back after being reintroduced into the USADA testing pool. Cormier is targeting UFC 235 in March for this bout, which would likely serve as his retirement date.

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