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Brennan Ward calls things as they are (which is kind of refreshing)

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One thing about Brennan Ward is he’s not a person to sugarcoat anything, nor give in to fight game hyperbole. After he defeated Roger Carroll at Bellator 140 — a crushing first-round knockout with enough seismic impact to show up on ESPN’s Top 10 Plays — he came backstage at the Mohegan Sun and made faces at his pay check when it was handed to him. He scoffed at it. With a ring of reporters waiting for a word, he was Brennan Warding the hell out of the moment.

And he didn’t even admire his handy work, either.

Ward didn’t see his replay of the knockout on ESPN’s SportsCenter, because he likes to “disappear” after fights. He turns his phone off and slinks into seclusion. His friends only told him about it later. Even if he did see it, he wouldn’t exactly have been doing cartwheels, either.

It’s not who he is.

“I mean, I guess it’s cool — when you think about it it’s kind of cool, but it’s just a top ten,” he says. “No one even remembers that now. Stuff like that comes and goes. There’s incredible top plays every single day, so that’s just one ….View original article

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