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Brock Lesnar takes dumps that are bigger than Conor McGregor, dares UFC 202 headliner to talk smack face-to-face

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Brock Lesnar is no fan of Conor McGregor. After “Notorious” decided to pick on the entire WWE roster — Brock Lesnar included for his failed UFC 200 drug tests — many of the wrestling promotion’s took to Twitter to call out the Irishman themselves. Lesnar, though, recently took it upon himself to unload on the Irishman during a recent interview and the “I Am Not Sam” show, saying that a wrestling match between the two would be ridiculous since the 290-pound “Beast Incarnate” takes bigger shits that the 145-pound UFC champion.

“I take shits bigger than that kid, alright,” barked Lesnar. “Come on guys, let’s get. I know all you guys play fucking video games and you live in this fucking false sense of reality and shit. I’m 290 fucking pounds and this guys is 145 pounds if he’s lucky and gets up and eats his fucking Wheaties. If Conor McGregor wants to say some shit to me and get his name out there more than he already has by dropping my name, I got about 10 words for him: Come here face-to-face Conor and say it to my face. Otherwise leave me and the fucking WWE out of it. Because I came to your arena and kicked ass. Now, if you want and you are so fucking tough, come to our arena and try to kick some ass.”

During a recent press conference, Conor again slammed Lesnar — as well as Jon Jones — saying “fuck them both” after their failed drug tests.

As for Lesnar, he’s now back in the WWE arena and will likely stay their following the whole UFC 200 debacle. But, if “Notorious” wants to try his hand in Lesnar’s arena, the hulking Heavyweight has a few smaller friends who would be glad ….View full article

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