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Calyn Hull Sees ‘Huge Advantage’ Over Daniel James at LFA 50

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When it comes to being undefeated in his first six fights as a pro, heavyweight Calyn Hull feels like the key to his strong start was the fact that his beginning in MMA came later than most.

Starting near the end of his 20’s, rather than early in them, Hull feels like he developed the kind of mentality that has allowed him to be successful right away in his career.

“I think starting as late as I did in this sport at 28 – I’m 31 now – that allowed me the time to develop the maturity and mental fortitude to handle this type of grind,” Hull told MMAWeekly.com.

“I’m fighting for my children’s future. I’m fighting for something. I always have that on the horizon. It’s hard to get burnt out when you have people relying on you. I don’t see myself burning out because I’m having so much fun.”

Though the maturity of his years in addition to his motivations outside the cage has helped him get off to a fast start, he does acknowledge that there have been things he’s needed to learn over the course of his first year of fighting.

“I always that wrestling base and am developing my skillset around that base, and we’re developing off those instincts and what I’m going to turn to when I’m not thinking,” said Hull. “I’m a lot calmer now when I’m fighting because I know the routine.

“My fight with Patrick (Martin) earlier this year, I really had to feel that cardio and exhaustion, and how to pace myself. I’m always developing other skills, and they’re always coming along, but now I’m a smarter fighter in situations now than I was in that first (pro) fight.”

At LFA 50 this Friday in Lake Prior, Minnesota, Hull (6-0) will look to remain undefeated when he faces Daniel James (7-3-1) in a main card heavyweight bout.

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“It’s no secret that Daniel has to cut down to make weight,” Hull said. “He’ll be the biggest fighter I’ve ever fought and might be the most difficult fighter that I have to face because he’s such a large man.

“Seeing he throws those heavy hands with such a big body, you have to question where his cardio is at. I think (cardio) is where I’m going to have a huge advantage. I’ve just got to weather the storm, and then we’ll see if he can last with me at the pace that I’m going to put on him.”

With the heavyweight division always in need of new talent, Hull feels like he could make an impact right away anywhere he fights in the coming year.

“Obviously I want to get (to the next level) as soon as possible, but I’m also understanding of being ready for the next level and not forcing that to happen and messing up that opportunity,” said Hull. “I wouldn’t mind if I have to wait.

“But I feel like what I’ve seen at the heavyweight division – throughout all organizations – is kind of weak, and I can make a difference in this sport. I will bring a lot of challenge to my opponents with my style. I know it’s not flashy, but it’s going to get me the wins – and that’s what I feel is most important.”

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