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Cameron Seville-Rivera Looks to Keep the Excitement Flowing at CageSport 53

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After having gone through various sports such as Taekwondo, wrestling and boxing, welterweight prospect Cameron Seville-Rivera has stepped onto the MMA scene with a bang.

In two bouts as a professional, Seville-Rivera has been able to use his superior striking skills to finish off both of his opponents, and generate a lot of buzz for himself in the Northwest region.

“When you go to fight there are great wrestlers, great Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, but every fight starts standing,” Seville-Rivera told MMAWeekly.com. “I’ve been able to control range really well because of my jab, and with my ability to get in and out of spaces.

“My first fight should have ended in the first round, but the ref should have stopped it in the first round; and my second fight was stopped in the first round; both by stops from strikes.”

Seville-Rivera feels that his experience in other disciplines has helped him off to a strong start in MMA despite the differences.

“In boxing there’s six punches and that’s it,” said Seville-Rivera. “You have to be crafty because there’s six punches, and it becomes a game of who can put those punches together and get out of the way better.

“When it comes to Taekwondo, the step side kick, turning side kick, the stuff that people are just starting to use right now (in MMA) that seem high-level are basic things we learn as a white belt. Things are becoming more popular because, to be honest, face kicks win championships.”

On Saturday in Tacoma, Washington, Seville-Rivera (2-0) will look to keep his undefeated streak going when he faces Jessee Gengler (5-4) in a main card welterweight bout at CageSport 53.

“He’s a southpaw, and he throws a nasty head kick, so we have to be really careful of that,” Seville-Rivera said of Gengler. “We believe he’s also a wrestler. I come from a wrestling background coming from high school and going into college as well. I’m not afraid to wrestle.

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“I can handle myself pretty well when it comes to grappling, but I have an ace in the hole with my striking. We know if I show up the best I can, there’s not a lot of people that can stop me.”

With the buzz surrounding him, it might not be long before Seville-Rivera finds himself making the move he is hoping to make sooner than later.

“Whether it’s self-induced or the team around me puts pressure on me, I believe the pressure is on me because I have the skills to match,” said Seville-Rivera. “People are expecting me to go out and perform the best that I can it’s because the work I’m putting in is worthy of an outstanding performance.

“We wanted to have three fights this year, and this is my third fight. I’m going to take the holidays off and will look to have three or four fights next year. And from there we’ll be looking to move up the ladder and on to bigger shows.”

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