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Chael Sonnen: Fans were booing at UFC 200, because they wanted to see Daniel Cormier get knocked out

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Most people interpreted the fan reaction to Daniel Cormier’s fight with Anderson Silva one way. Chael Sonnen took it another.

Sonnen, the former UFC fighter and current ESPN analyst, doesn’t think fans minded Cormier’s wrestling-heavy strategy. They just wanted Silva to beat him in spectacular fashion, “The American Gangster” told MMA Fighting.

“That’s a misunderstanding,” said Sonnen, whose grappling promotion Submission Underground debuts Sunday on from Portland. “The fans didn’t care what Daniel did. The fans wanted to see Daniel get knocked out. And they knew that was not going to happen. They had no problem with the way he fought. They just wanted him to lose. That’s all that happened there. Brock [Lesnar] had the same game plan and they were happy as could be, because they wanted Brock to win.”

Cormier, the UFC light heavyweight champion, got booed lustily in the lead up to what would have been a fight with Jon Jones in the main event of UFC 200 last Saturday. Three days out from the event, though, Jones was yanked from the card due to a failed USADA drug test. Silva stepped in on about 36 hours notice.

It seemed like at the time that things turned for Cormier, that fans were behind him after an emotional, rollercoaster week in Las Vegas. That turned out to not be the case.

“The biggest thing with DC is he wants to be liked and you’ve got good guys and you’ve got bad guys,” Sonnen said. “DC is neither. He’s a great guy. Daniel is truly in a class of his own. If you interact or you hang out around town with Daniel Cormier, he treats everybody really well. He’s a great human being. And he wants people to see that and that seems to be the ….View full article

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