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Chael Sonnen on Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz, and how most of the fight game just doesn’t understand

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The chorus began almost as soon as the fight ended. Swarms of fans and fighters flooding to social media with delight, hailing Nate Diaz’s victory over Conor McGregor as Exhibit A why it pays to keep your mouth shut in this volatile game of ours.

Such instant animosity didn’t surprise Chael Sonnen. Comeuppance is inevitable when four ounces are all which separates glory from failure. But it was the notion that McGregor somehow made a mistake by talking the way he talked, promoting the way he promoted which gives Sonnen pause, as if McGregor learned a much-needed lesson about staying humble which should be rectified moving forward.

“It’s absolutely terrible logic,” Sonnen says. “It’s terrible logic. You can not know how to promote and hang out in the middle, lose, and still be in the middle; or you can go do what Conor did, lose, and start to be pulled more towards the middle. Your average is still higher. I have no idea where any of that comes from. I went through some of that too, and it’s like, so what? So what? If you’re going to have some great moments now and there’s a fall coming later, so what?

“Guys don’t take all that big of a hit. You have a little downtime then you get back on a media tour, create some interest, and you move forward from there. That’s just boxing and MMA. Mike Tyson lost to Buster Douglas in the biggest upset in history and went on to have the biggest box office success that sport’s ever seen.”

Sonnen speaks from experience because he practically wrote the book on how to stomach a spoonful of payback and keep a promotional stock booming. Over a four-year span, he did it time and time again. The Mouth from ….View full article

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