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Chael Sonnen says Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor ‘shames boxing’

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Chael Sonnen thinks the potential Mayweather-McGregor bout makes a mockery of boxing.

Chael Sonnen, like most hardcore combat sports fans, is not a fan of a potential boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather.

McGregor, the UFC lightweight champion, has never fought in the boxing ring but possesses some of the best hands in MMA. Mayweather, an undefeated phenom with a record of 49-0, is widely considered one of the best boxers to ever grace the sport.

Sonnen said on his You’re Welcome podcast that if the fight goes longer than 30 seconds it puts the sport of boxing to shame.

“I think the fact that anybody is weighing in that there’s a contest there is such an incredible disrespect to boxing,” Sonnen said on Thursday (h/t Jed Meshew of MMA Fighting). If that fight goes more than 30 seconds, it shames boxing. If it goes out of the first round, it humiliates boxing.

“If I was to tell you in any other sport, ‘Hey, we’ve got a great athlete from one field, that’s never done a sport before, and he’s gonna come on and take on the best current living guy in that sport,’ it’d be laughed at. If I told you, I’ve got a guy who’s never played basketball, sure he’s shot the ball around and been on a court and had the ball in his hand, but he’s never played a competitive game of basketball before, and we’re gonna put him up against LeBron James, it would be laughed at. ‘We’ve got a gal that’s never played tennis before, she’s fooled around with a ball in the gym, she’s gonna take on Serena Williams,’ it would be laughed at.”

Sonnen, a three-time UFC title challenger who now competes under the Bellator banner, admits that he’s interested in the fight but still believes it’s humiliating for boxing.

“The fact that there’s even an interest there – and I’m one of the people that shares the interest – but the fact that there’s even an interest there is so disrespectful to the entire sport of boxing,” he continued. “When that fight’s done, Conor is gonna go more than 30 seconds. He’s likely to go more than one round – he shouldn’t, but he is likely to go more than one round – and it’s going to humiliate boxing.”

Later on Thursday, a few hours after Sonnen aired his podcast, ‘The American Gangster’ posted on Twitter than the fight is ‘on.’

While nothing has been confirmed, UFC president Dana White also told chat show host Conan O’Brien on Wednesday that there’s too much money involved for the fight not to happen.

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