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Check Out This SCARY Soccer Kick KO From the ‘TUF 23′ Premiere [VIDEO]

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(Based on our reaction, we henceforth name this technique “The Florida Evans Kick“)

So the 23rd season of The Ultimate Fighter premiered on FS1 last night, and though we have long since stopped being what you’d call “regular viewers,” that doesn’t mean we can’t occassionally highlight some of the more memorable/brutal moments from the long-running reality show.

A prime example came in a middleweight matchup between Khalil “The Warhorse” Rountree vs. Muhammed “Mo Muscle” DeReese (which, solid nicknames selection all around, fellas). Described as a classic “striker vs. grappler” matchup by Dana White, the first round of Rountree vs. DeReese was largely controlled by the latter’s heavy, if mostly ineffective top game.

“What’s crazy is the judges will actually give the round to (DeReese), when I actually think that (Rountree) won it,” remarks The Baldfather in-between rounds, proving once again why he should stay as far away from a judge’s table as humanly possible.

Of course, the judges would be taken out of the equation early in the second round when Rountree proceeded to drop DeReese with some HEAVY leather, then unleash a pair of the most brutal soccer kicks to the body that The Ultimate Fighter gym has ever seen.

Check out the full fight below (the finishing sequence starts at the 6:20 mark).

You just gotta love the diversity of reactions that Rountree’s finish provided here: DW is awe-struck, Gadelha is cheering it on, and Joanna Champion looks like she just saw her BFF get hit by a bus.

The UFC has uploaded a slew of fights from last night’s premiere to its Youtube page, but if you’re like us, you’ll use this time to discuss how much Claudia Gadelha can GET. IT.

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