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Chris Weidman and Luke Rockhold as second billing really makes you think

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The build-up to Chris Weidman’s UFC 194 title defense against Luke Rockhold has been lost a little bit in Conor McGregor’s long shadow, but then again psychos (and psych majors) are rarely all that loud. The last time the Irish flooded Las Vegas to see McGregor fight was in July, back when he was supposed to fight Jose Aldo and settled for Chad Mendes. For several months of truly unparalleled chest-smiting, Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler — two infamous nontalkers — just sort of smoldered in McGregor’s orbit, hiding right there in plain sight.

Lawler and MacDonald put on the fight of 2015. The long stare-down at the end of the fourth round encapsulated the very spirit of the fight game. The thresholds were crumbling, it’s true, but they were crumbling into each other, as if to hold each other up. It was a classic moment.

And the crazy thing is that in the end it was almost as if MacDonald and Lawler didn’t want to smash each other so much as obliterate the careless misdirection of hype…as if to mutually validate, once again, the old notion that actions speak louder than words. ….View original article

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