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Click Debate: Why are there now different MMA rules in different states?

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It’s the Super Bowl. Tom Brady takes the snap, sees all his receivers covered and rolls out of the pocket to his right. With nothing available downfield and his check-down options smothered, Brady throws the ball away into the stands.

Immediately, the referee nearby throws a flag. Brady doesn’t understand what just happened. An intentional grounding penalty can only be called when the quarterback is still in the pocket, he thought, not when he’s near the sidelines.

Not so, the referee tells him. Not in the state — Texas — where the Super Bowl is taking place. The rule, the referee says, is different here.

That seems like a ridiculous scenario, doesn’t it? In the NFL, the rules and regulations, though sometimes interpreted oddly by officials, are uniform. Everywhere. Every game. From the preseason to the Super Bowl. Regardless of state.

MMA can no longer say the same thing. And the confusion could be the difference between a fighter taking an undefended knee or shin to the head or remaining safe.

Beginning Jan. 1, the so-called Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts have not been unified at all. The Association of Boxing Commissions and Combative Sports (ABC), the group of commissions across North America that oversee the Unified Rules, approved a package of changes in a landslide vote.

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