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Coach: Conor McGregor wouldn’t retire after Floyd Mayweather fight

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Article Source – bloodyelbow.com

Could Conor McGregor take a massive payday from a fight with Floyd Mayweather and retire? His coach doesn’t think so.

A boxing match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather has not been agreed to as of yet. But if it does get completed and the two men step into the ring together, McGregor is likely to become a very rich man. The UFC lightweight champion is probably never going to collect a pay check that large ever again, so getting out of the hurt business before the age of thirty with a vault full of cash has to be an option for the Irishman, right?

Wrong, according to his coach John Kavanagh.

When speaking to the Irish Mirror about the prospects of Conor walking away, Kavanagh was fairly emphatic about the fact that McGregor was still a young man with a lot left in him:

“Like any sport there’s a sell-by date. But Conor is 28, he’s a baby in the sport. I look at Bernard Hopkins who’s 50, winning world title fights, so Conor isn’t going anywhere soon.”

But there is one thing could maybe lead to an extended absence:

“Who knows maybe he’ll go to Hollywood and become the next Schwarzenegger.”

The interview covers a lot more, including how McGregor rebounds from a loss now as compared to back in the day, Kavangh’s philosophy on training, and who might be the “next Conor McGregor.” But it’s safe to say that McGregor’s going to stick around combat sports for a while.

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