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Coach: Georges St-Pierre spent ‘entire night vomiting’ before Nick Diaz fight

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Georges St-Pierre was an absolute mess the night before his fight with Nick Diaz, according to GSP’s longtime Brazilian jiu-jitsu coach.

John Danaher, the right hand man of Renzo Gracie at his gym in New York, wrote Sunday on Instagram that GSP was puking all night prior to that bout with Diaz at UFC 158 in 2013. St-Pierre did eventually beat Diaz by unanimous decision in Montreal.

“Georges drank some watermelon juice for rehydration that had been too long out of the fridge and got a badly upset stomach,” Danaher wrote. “He spent the entire night vomiting. It was so sad to see such a perfect camp get ruined at the last minute by such a minor oversight. The night of the fight, Mr St-Pierre came in underweight and drained. We had to curtail the warm up for fear of exhausting him before the bout even began.”

The best laid plans of mice and men: As a coach one of the main aspects of my job is to conceive plans of action that raise the likelihood of an athlete winning an event. Yet despite our best intentions, there is always a good chance of things going awry that require spontaneous change and adaption in the face of unexpected circumstances. All the major MMA fight camps I have been a part of furnished unforeseen incidents and drama that could not have been predicted and which had to be overcome. Probably the most flawless and well run fight camp I ever saw was that of Georges St-Pierre in preparation for Nick Diaz (Interestingly, his prior fight camp with Carlos Condit was probably the worst). We had an excellent game plan, the physical preparation was excellent, superb choice of sparring partners, all match contingencies covered, no injuries, no backstage drama, ….View full article

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