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Coach Winkeljohn: Jon Jones ‘scared to eat out’ because staff might spike his food

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Since the onset of his second UFC drug test failure after UFC 214 in July 2017, Jon Jones and his team have attested that it was likely due to tainted supplements. And apparently this has affected the former 205-pound champion, even in his personal life.

In a recent interview with Submission Radio, striking coach Mike Winkeljohn revealed that “Bones” now has concerns, even when dining in restaurants. All of it, he says, is rooted to the entire “contaminated supplements” situation.

“Well, I think they should have made a deal a long time ago,” Winkeljohn said. “When you actually look deep, you forget about all the things that people said and you actually look at the ruling the UFC had and what their words were that they used and when they say the amount of the substance was so small that there was absolutely no way that that could have been used as performance enhancer.”

“When you actually have a look at the words that they said, I’m actually surprised he had as long as a suspension as he had. But people just have a tendency just to go, ‘oh, he just did steroids,’ and they did jump on it. And before that it was a Cialis and they think ‘that’s steroids’. So, I have to defend Jon on that.

“There’s no doubt something got in there somehow, but it’s scary now,” he added. “Jon’s even scared to eat out, he’s scared to be anywhere. He’s like, gosh, what if that waiter doesn’t like me, the bus boy doesn’t like me? You know? Who knows what’s going to happen out there. And it is kind of scary that way if you think about it.”

Jones did get a reduced suspension, from a possible four years to a mere 15 months. According to reports, he is likely being booked for a rematch against Alexander Gustafsson, which is being targeted to take place at UFC 232 on December 29th in Las Vegas.

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