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Cody Stamann Pulls Off the Upset Against Super Prospect Tom Duquesnoy at UFC 216

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Cody Stamann didn’t have the spotlight on him going into UFC 216 but earned a lot of attention after knocking off highly touted bantamweight prospect Tom Duquesnoy on Saturday night.

While Stamann shared an identical record with Duquesnoy going into the fight, it was the ultra-exciting French fighter who a decided favorite based on the betting lines. Stamann was happy to play the underdog before handing Duquesnoy his first loss in the UFC.

As the fight got underway, Stamann was quick to press forward with the takedown early but Duquesnoy was able to get up from the ground in a hurry before resetting in the center of the Octagon.

Duquesnoy was very aggressive on the feet, constantly on the attack and looking for explosive combinations that tagged Stamann several times during numerous exchanges.

Halfway through the round, Duquesnoy tagged Stamann with a hard elbow that backed his opponent up to the cage before he quickly reacted with a takedown to bring the fight back to the mat.

Duquesnoy definitely got the better of the striking exchanges throughout the opening round although he didn’t open up too much to prevent Stamann from out wrestling him.

The second round saw Duquesnoy continue to move forward while looking to land combinations but Stamann was smart to counter with two separate takedowns that planted the Frenchman on the ground.

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Stamann stayed busy inside Duquesnoy’s guard while peppering away with short, stinging punches until the end of the round.

With five minutes to go, Stamann seemed to gain some confidence to not only hang with Duquesnoy but he showed no fear striking throughout the final round against the noted knockout artist

Stamann was the aggressor with better punches and kicks landed throughout while Duquesnoy was largely inactive as he just kept sitting back and waiting for an opening that never came.

The judges returned their scores with a split decision going for Stamann as he moves to 16-1 in his career while Duquesnoy suffers a loss for the first time since 2013.

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