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Colby Covington: I have ‘dirt’ on Tyron Woodley that could ‘ruin his career’

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Although the UFC has yet to announce a title bout between welterweight rivals Tyron Woodley and Colby Covington, ‘Chaos’ is already doing his part to promote what promises to be a classic grudge match.

Speaking to BJPenn.com in a recent interview, Covington compared Woodley to Hillary Clinton and himself to Donald Trump, calling the reigning welterweight champ a ‘soft ass liberal snowflake.’

“It’s been built,” Covington said. “The hooks are in. The world needs to know the way the event needs to be marketed. He’s a soft ass little liberal snowflake. I’m a fucking bad ass mother fucking Republican. He’s like Hillary Clinton in a way. He’s crooked. That’s why we call him two-faced Tyrone. You can’t trust anything he says. I’m more like Trump. I’m grabbing all these pussies, and I’m putting them in their place.”

After putting a political spin on his rivalry with Woodley, Covington teased that he has ‘dirt’ on his former teammate that could ‘ruin his career’, although he didn’t hint as to what that could be.

“There’s some things,” he concluded. “I got some ace of spades in my back pocket. If that dude, if he slips up with anything, he’s… I got real dirt on him. I know some real shit. Some real storylines that would ruin his career, and ruin his life, really.”

Expect Covington to ramp up the trash talk in the lead-up to their inevitable welterweight title bout. It’s rumored that both men will be featured on the upcoming UFC 230 pay-per-view on November 3 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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