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Colby Covington received ‘death threats’ for spoiling ‘retarded’ Star Wars movie

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Colby Covington is glad he ruined Star Wars: The Last Jedi for so many fans.

Top-three UFC welterweight contender Colby Covington turned full heel when he spoiled the latest movie in the Star Wars saga, Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Covington, who has been slammed for his derogatory remarks towards Brazil and for pressing charges against Fabricio Werdum after being involved in a minor scuffle outside a hotel in Sydney, Australia, said he received death threats from ‘nerds and virgins’ after ruining the Star Wars story.

“Man, let’s be honest,” Covington told host Jason “Kinch” Kindschy on the latest episodeof BJ Penn Radio. “Star Wars is for nerds and virgins. I did them a favor, Jason. They should be thanking me, instead of sending me death threats. And no, I didn’t watch it, Jason. I got laid. I went to Reddit, and all my haters are virgins, so it was an easy way to ruin their pathetic lives.”

‘Chaos’ said he didn’t have time to watch a ‘retarded’ movie like Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ and claimed that fans wanted ISIS to bomb his house and burn his family.

“Come on, man. I ain’t got two and a half hours to waste in my fucking life on some retarded movie like that,” he said. “I’d rather just ruin it for all the nerds and virgins in the world. That’s all my haters, anyways.

“Yes, I did receive death threats,” he continued. “People said they were going to bomb my house in Oregon. People were saying that they hope ISIS burns my family and this and that.

“Yeah, ISIS. They said ‘I hope ISIS burns your family.’”

Covington has been blocked on Twitter by several UFC fighters and is, as of right now, one of, if not the, most unpopular fighters on the roster.

The 29-year-old talent is currently angling for a championship bout with Tyron Woodley, but claims ‘T-Wood’ is ‘scared’ and faking injuries.

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