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Colby Covington: Usman vs. Masvidal won’t happen because Masvidal wants ‘Conor money’

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Colby Covington doesn’t think Jorge Masvidal is ever going fight Kamaru Usman.

The fight was expected to be announced in the aftermath of UFC 245, where Usman beat Covington to retain his welterweight title, but we’re still no closer to a date.

Covington claims negotiations have stalled because Masvidal has overpriced himself and is demanding Conor McGregor money, per a recent interview with MMA Fighting’s Peter Carroll.

“I said that journeyman Jorge Masvidal, AKA ‘The Street Judas’ is going to overprice himself out of the fight, he don’t want to fight Marty Fakenewsman [Usman]. He doesn’t want to fight anyone that can wrestle him because he can’t wrestle. All he can do is get lucky and throw some Hail Mary shots and land some Hail Mary knockouts and get lightening in a bottle and get a little hype on him,” Covington said of his longtime teammate and ex-roommate.

“Jorge is not going to sign to fight,” he added. “This fight was supposed to be signed a month or two ago. They’ve been dragging this fight out, trying to get this fight signed and you can see that Jorge is giving them too much issues.

“He wants the Conor fight and he thinks he deserves Conor money – he doesn’t deserve Conor money and he’s not a Conor-level fighter. He needs to get over that, get out there and either take the ass-whooping by Marty and get exposed, which I don’t think he’s going to show up for, or he needs to sit the f*ck back and let the big boys play at the top of the mountain, and that’s me against Marty Fakenewsman – round two.”

Masvidal has yet to respond and it’s unlikely that he will, given American Top Team (ATT) owner Dan Lambert recently enforced a ban on trash talk.

Masvidal, the UFC’s only ‘BMF’ champion, may cut down to 155 to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov if the Usman bout falls through. The ex-street fighter recently called out Khabib via YouTube.

“I would love to do it because I felt I never got my fair due shot at 155. I beat a lot of top class competitors before I came to the UFC at 155. They never gave me a shot to fight a top-10 guy. It wasn’t until I started fighting at 170 they gave me top-5 and top-10 guys. I never got I felt my fair due shot at ‘55. I beat a lot of good guys when I was down there, in the UFC as well.

“So whatever, if they were to cough up that money I’d be in a hurry to get down there and show what I’m worth.”

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