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Coming Off Long Layoff, Bellator’s John Salter Set to Show He’s Still High-Level

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Over the course of his first four years as a fighter, former UFC middleweight John Salter had been consistently fighting, but since late 2013, he’s managed to only fight once.

The big issue for Salter was a neck injury, which compounded by other injuries has kept him out of action for large stretches of time.

“I believe it was in 2012 I injured my neck in a training camp for the XFC, and in the fight I made it a lot worse, and ended up having a herniated disc and several bulging discs in my neck,” Salter told MMAWeekly.com. “I finally came back from that and had a couple fights, and was competing in the Pan Ams in Jiu-Jitsu and hurt my neck again and decided to have surgery.

“I came back and fought Justin Jacoby and after that I felt like I pushed my body a lot harder than I should have and banged up a lot of other things, including some bad back issues.”

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He initially believed he could push through his injuries, but after receiving advice to consider retiring, Salter decided to tone things down a bit and get his body right.

“Before my fight with Jacoby, my doctor told me I needed to think about not fighting anymore, but I never considered it, but after that fight, going through injuries and all that, I worried about it,” said Salter. “I think taking some time, and still training, but not training as hard as before or beating my body up all the time, I was able to overcome all that.”

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