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Conor McGregor aiming to knock Floyd Mayweather Jr. out – ‘Age waits for no man’

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After officially obtaining his California boxing license, current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight titleholder, and former featherweight king, Conor McGregor is putting all the pressure on Floyd Mayweather Jr. to set up a potential superfight. While a lot of moving pieces would have to be put in place, McGregor is already calling his shots. During a recent interview at The Devenish bar in Belfast, Ireland, in which “Notorious” also discussed his recent UFC title strip, McGregor had the following to say about a bout with Mayweather:

“With the work ethic that I have, focused solely on the sport of boxing, there’s no telling what I could do. I would not go in there just to show up, I’d go in there to knock him (Floyd Mayweather) out, and that’s it. He can be hit. He’s been hit before. Age waits for no man also, so I know they know that. I know the size is on my side, I know the reach is on my side, I know the youth is on my side. So there’s a lot to lose for them, so that’s why they’re scrambling. McGregor got his boxing license ‘Oh, Floyd’s in the Bahamas, he don’t give a fuck.’ They’re scrambling right now, but that’s okay. I’ll leave them scrambling. I have some other boxing opportunities, some potential opponents in mind, some previous Floyd opponents, I can bring in anyone in the game. So we’ll see what happens.”

With McGregor incapacitated with pre-fatherly duties until May, this potential superfight with Mayweather will have a copious amount of time to breathe. From this point on, especially considering McGregor has been issued a legitimate boxing license and believes he can bang with the best defensive boxer of all time, things are only going to get more interesting. When it comes to Mystic Mac, can we expect anything less?

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