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Conor McGregor Blasts Floyd Mayweather Over ‘Ridiculous’ Racism Claims

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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Face Off Dana White middle

In the midst of a trash-talk extravaganza last week to promote his upcoming fight in August, UFC champion Conor McGregor was accused of making racially charged statements during his back and forth with Floyd Mayweather.

During one tour stop, McGregor told Mayweather to “dance for me, boy” and he followed that by answering the accusations in New York days later by saying that he was “half-black from the belly button down” while also gyrating his hips for his “black female fans.”

Following the latter comments from McGregor after the tour stop in New York, Mayweather responded and said that he felt his opponent was being “disrespectful” when questions of racism were raised.

For his part, McGregor fired back at Mayweather because he believes the 49-0 boxer is just trying to gain favor with fans after he was routinely booed out of the building during their four-city tour to promote the fight.

“You can be fooled by him if you want to be fooled by him. You know the man’s character, you know his history,” McGregor said while referencing Mayweather’s checkered past with domestic violence. “He’s trying to sway the people in his favor. I think it was a cheap move in my opinion. I was trying to address something in my own little way, but whatever, it is what it is. I had fun out there last night.

“If he feels disrespected, well he’s an idiot and then (expletive) him as well.”

McGregor admits that perhaps his attempt to make light of the situation with his comments in New York didn’t go the way he had hoped, but it certainly wasn’t meant to offend anybody either.

“I think it’s (expletive) ridiculous. I mean come on. What the (expletive)? I don’t understand it,” McGregor said. “I tried to get in and it didn’t really hit right, so I’m just going to stay where it is and leave it out. I know who I am as a person. I think most realistic people can look and know that themselves. So I don’t got to entertain it.

“He’s trying to sway something and talk about disrespecting women and all.”

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While just about everything was fair game during the four days where McGregor and Mayweather went after each other on the microphone, the 29-year old Irishman confessed that he left out his opponent’s history with domestic violence on purpose.

McGregor didn’t feel the need to take cheap shots at Mayweather’s past and even confronted the former boxing champion when they engaged in one of their final face-offs ahead of the Aug. 26 bout.

“I don’t go after you and speak on his past and I didn’t speak on his past. I thought if anything it was a dirty play on his (part),” McGregor said. “He tried to mention something when we were face-to-face and if you play that it’s a (expletive) move and you know that.

“It’s done now, it’s wrapped up, let’s get ready to fight.”

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