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Conor McGregor Claims to be Highest Paid, Wants $100-Million-Plus

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Conor McGregor is far and away the most prolific talker on the UFC roster. But now he claims to be the biggest drawing card, and the highest paid. And if he’s not, if he gets what he wants, which is a $100-million-plus deal, he’d almost have to be.
Of course, all of that will remain conjecture, as neither his contract nor those of his counterparts is publicly available.
Backed by UFC executives like Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White, most believe that Ronda Rousey is the UFC’s current top star. She’s the one the UFC turned to in order to make an attempt at the biggest audience the company has ever recorded, when she fight Holly Holm in the UFC 193 main event on Nov. 14 in Melbourne, Australia.
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But if anyone could talk his way into stardom, it’s McGregor, and on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour, he was firing on all cylinders when it came to his financial worth to the company and a new contract.
“I’m waiting on my next multi, nine-figure contract, which is en route. I just let everyone up there know, I let the bosses ….View original article